Caught in A Crossroads

Backstory - 
An off topic conversation with the student I worked with in Year 12 English (Refer to "Year 12 English" blog), lead to a brainstorming session on their future career pathway(s) at Power Up.  The student mentioned that they wanted to study to become an Architect, but they have been offered the opportunity to study Building and Construction at M.I.T. in 2019.
What happened? -
Since the conversation I had with this student, I tried to figure out a way in which I could "help" this student. I was unsure if I was going to see this student in class again, so I approached them at Power Up to see if they wanted to continue the conversation. 

What I did AFTER the discussion with the student - 
I approached a staff member, to get their perspective on students who are wanting to pursue a career beyond the Trades Academy. Honestly his answer was not what I was expecting.  I also approached someone who is currently studying to become an Architect, explained this students s…

What is a Human?

I wanted to try something different with my Year 10's, something that was hands on and would allow the students to creatively express themselves.

They had to address the question, "What is a Human?". Instead of doing the usual, "Think, pair and share", followed by writing their ideas on the board, I came up with an idea to approach the question in a different way.

The resources I gathered were -
- Brown paper => I found a roll of a paper in a room next to the office. I rolled out and cut each piece to the size of at least 2 metres long. 
- Felts => I kindly asked a staff member if I could borrow their felt pens for this activity

The activity was -
Students had to get into groups and one member of their group had to collect the resources needed for the activity (1x paper and a handful of pens). Another member of the group would offer to be the "Human" for this activity. They would have to lay down on the paper, on their backs while another member drew …