Caught in A Crossroads

Backstory - 

An off topic conversation with the student I worked with in Year 12 English (Refer to "Year 12 English" blog), lead to a brainstorming session on their future career pathway(s) at Power Up. 
The student mentioned that they wanted to study to become an Architect, but they have been offered the opportunity to study Building and Construction at M.I.T. in 2019.

What happened? -

Since the conversation I had with this student, I tried to figure out a way in which I could "help" this student. I was unsure if I was going to see this student in class again, so I approached them at Power Up to see if they wanted to continue the conversation. 

What I did AFTER the discussion with the student - 

I approached a staff member, to get their perspective on students who are wanting to pursue a career beyond the Trades Academy. Honestly his answer was not what I was expecting. 
I also approached someone who is currently studying to become an Architect, explained this students situation and asked if they could maybe have a meeting with this student, NOT to persuade them to pursue this pathway but to give an insight into their experience of studying. (The student is still on the fence about this meeting but I have offered to be there if/when this meeting takes place).
The last person I approached is a good friend of mine. I explained the situation and their response was, "Which pathway would get them to getting money faster?". 

Student voice - 

I recently met with this student to see how they were going with everything and if they could provide some feedback (student voice) for my blog. I asked them a few questions and it allowed me to see that what I did was actually helpful for them, "Yes, It was very helpful because it gave me an idea of how I could set my future out".  When asked if there was anything they would change from the initial meeting to now, the student wants to "stick to this plan" as it has given them a fair idea of what to do. 

What they liked about the plan was the scale from 0-10 (Shown in the image BELOW), identifying where they felt they sat in between the crossroads. Today, they still felt like they were still at this place.

They also liked how I separated their two options on a paper for them.

"In my opinion, I think that you were caring enough to help me and sacrifice your time for me as well"

Future ideas/plans - 

If I were to carry out something similar to this again, I'd be more prepared with my questions. From the students feedback about the session, they said that I'd need to, "ask less or more questions, depending on the person you're dealing with". 


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